Chloe Lever


I am currently in my fourth year of teaching at St. Johns, having had the privilege of being a previous pupil, a student teacher and an NQT. I am very fortunate to work in such a wonderful school, where the children are encouraged and inspired to be the best they can be. I have very fond special memories of my time as a pupil and would love for the children I teach to look back and have the same. St. Johns offers exciting and creative learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom. In Reception we love to use our outdoor area when learning and exploring and we are very lucky to be able to use the surrounding areas of the beach and downs too! I look forward to another fantastic year at St Johns.

Jess Pope


This is now my second year at St John’s and my second year of teaching. I have been privileged to start my teaching career in such a supportive, caring and inspiring school.  St Johns offers such exciting and creative learning throughout the curriculum, inside and outside of the classroom.

I am currently the Phonics Coordinator and looking forward to brining new and inspiring strategies to teach and develop this subject. Phonics is a passion of mine and such an important part of developing children’s vocabulary.  

Lucy Tullett


This is my fourth year of teaching at St Johns Meads and it is a fantastic place to work and learn with the children. I have had experience of teaching in Key Stage One for two years and am now enjoying my second year in Key Stage Two. I always look to give the children as many different opportunities to love learning and become confident, independent individuals.

This year I continue to take on the role of Art & Design Co-ordinator which I enjoy leading and sharing my passion for creativity throughout the school.

In my free time, I enjoy singing in the Archway Choir, supporting Chelsea FC and baking sweet treats!

Robert Newlands


It’s hard to believe that it is now my fifth year here at St John’s, it has gone incredibly quickly! I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here at St John’s as it is a fantastic place to work. All staff are motivated to ensure the best quality education and excellent opportunities for all the children who attend the school.

I am currently the Science and Computing coordinators and I am looking forward to continuing to develop the subjects.  They are both passions of mine and they are such important subjects in today’s society.

When not in school, I enjoy going to the gym and leading a healthy lifestyle. I pride myself in eating healthily and I hope that my good habits can rub off on others!

Hannah Brooks


Since qualifying as a teacher, St John's is the only school I have worked at. It's a great place to be and the supportive, creative atmosphere inspires me every day! I came to this school as a child too, from Year 2 to Year 6. I have lots of special memories from this amazing place. The children are always enthusiastic and motivated to learn, which makes teaching here a pleasure! My favourite subjects are English (which I am the Subject Leader for) and Art (which is a hobby of mine outside of school too). But I love working with the children in all areas of the curriculum, where we learn new things together and challenge ourselves to aim high. In Year 6, we try our best to be great role models for the rest of the school, and are growing in independence and responsibility, readying ourselves for secondary school and the big wide world out there!

Harriet Mackie-Savage


This is now my second year at St John's, but it feels like I've been here so much longer because it's such a warm and welcoming place to be; as well as a great environment in which to learn and be creative.

I continue to be the co-ordinator for History and Geography, as well as our developing beach and forest school. I have a great passion for History particularly and look forward to continuing to develop my subject areas this year; ensuring that the children have the best possible exposure to these subjects as well as the rest of the curriculum.

Miss Jade Murphy


This is now my Third year at St. John’s and in Year 5. It is such a vibrant, welcoming and friendly environment to work in where the children have a zest for their learning. I always try to offer opportunities to be creative with their learning as a whole as well as with their writing.

I am currently taking the Subject Lead for Geography, and will be taking over the School Council
In my free time I enjoy walking Merlin, my Cocker Spaniel, playing the piano and indulging in Doctor Who.