Emily Teager

I am excited and privileged to take on the role of Year 6 teacher as the class move into the final part of their journey through the school.

After teaching in London for six years, I moved back to Sussex and feel honoured to have joined the friendly and welcoming team at St John's. I am particularly looking forward to sharing my enjoyment and enthusiasm for mathematics as Subject Leader for this subject.

In my spare time I enjoy playing netball, running and reading.

Spellings 19.9.17

Miss Brooks’ Spelling Group:

Words ending in -cious and -tious

If the root words ends in ce, then the adjective form will end in cious

e.g. vice –> vicious         space —> spacious

If the noun ends in tion, then the adjective form will end in tious

e.g. ambition –> ambitious         infection –> infectious


Mrs Riddle’s Spelling Group:

Words ending in ing

Sometimes you need to remove the e at the end when you add the ing

e.g. hope –> hoping        cope –> coping

Sometimes you need to double the last consonant when you add the ing

e.g. hop –> hopping     hit –> hitting

Sometimes you don’t need to do anything, just add the ing!

e.g. walk –> walking        laugh –> laughing


If you are in Miss French’s Spelling Group, please see your spelling folder.

Spelling Homework 12th September 2017

Miss Brooks’ Spelling Group:

i before e except after c

Example words:

chief   thief   ceiling   receive   achieve   receipt   friend   believe

Remember, there are always some words that don’t match the rule! For example:
leisure   ancient   science   weight


Mrs Riddle’s Spelling Group:

adding ed to the end of words


cry —> cried     (you need to change the y to an i before you add the ed)

walk —> walked    (you can just add the ed to the end)

rob —> robbed   (you need to double the consonant ending before adding the ed)


Miss French’s spellers:

Personalised spelling rules, please refer to spelling activities sent home.