Hannah Brooks


Since qualifying as a teacher, St John's is the only school I have worked at. It's a great place to be and the supportive, creative atmosphere inspires me every day! I came to this school as a child too, from Year 2 to Year 6. I have lots of special memories from this amazing place. The children are always enthusiastic and motivated to learn, which makes teaching here a pleasure! My favourite subjects are English (which I am the Subject Leader for) and Art (which is a hobby of mine outside of school too). But I love working with the children in all areas of the curriculum, where we learn new things together and challenge ourselves to aim high. In Year 6, we try our best to be great role models for the rest of the school, and are growing in independence and responsibility, readying ourselves for secondary school and the big wide world out there!

Spellings 19.9.17

Miss Brooks’ Spelling Group:

Words ending in -cious and -tious

If the root words ends in ce, then the adjective form will end in cious

e.g. vice –> vicious         space —> spacious

If the noun ends in tion, then the adjective form will end in tious

e.g. ambition –> ambitious         infection –> infectious


Mrs Riddle’s Spelling Group:

Words ending in ing

Sometimes you need to remove the e at the end when you add the ing

e.g. hope –> hoping        cope –> coping

Sometimes you need to double the last consonant when you add the ing

e.g. hop –> hopping     hit –> hitting

Sometimes you don’t need to do anything, just add the ing!

e.g. walk –> walking        laugh –> laughing


If you are in Miss French’s Spelling Group, please see your spelling folder.

Spelling Homework 12th September 2017

Miss Brooks’ Spelling Group:

i before e except after c

Example words:

chief   thief   ceiling   receive   achieve   receipt   friend   believe

Remember, there are always some words that don’t match the rule! For example:
leisure   ancient   science   weight


Mrs Riddle’s Spelling Group:

adding ed to the end of words


cry —> cried     (you need to change the y to an i before you add the ed)

walk —> walked    (you can just add the ed to the end)

rob —> robbed   (you need to double the consonant ending before adding the ed)


Miss French’s spellers:

Personalised spelling rules, please refer to spelling activities sent home.