All parents and carers of children at St John’s Meads C of E Primary School are invited to the FMSA Annual General Meeting in the School Hall at 7pm on Wednesday 8th November 2017.

Registration and light refreshments from 6 30 pm.


  1. Introduction and Background
    Presentation of Treasurers Report
  2. To outline the different models against which the FMSA can operate for the current and future Financial years
  3. Votes (By show of hands) taken and result declared
  4. (ANY) amendments necessary to the current Constitution (copy on School website, also available at the meeting)
  5. (dissolution of Current FMSA and appointment of replacement Officers)
  6. Matters relating to the Operating model going forward and agreement as to the way forward (including Bank account)
  7. AOB
    1. Conclusion of Meeting

Nomination and Secondment Form to use and leave at School Office by 6pm on Monay 6th November, in relation to those willing to permanently stand (for one year) for election as Officers of the FMSA.

A further copy will be in your Child’s book bag on Tuesday 31st October.

The Friends of Meads School Association was set up approximately 30 years ago to provide support to the school from the parents in the form of fund raising for specific projects.

The Friends have successfully performed this function over many years with the help of hundreds of volunteer parents and as a result, the school has been able to purchase many thousands of pounds worth of equipment such as books, interactive whiteboards, playground equipment and of course the largest project to date… The Log Cabin, as well as much much more.

The Friends do valuable work, putting in an extreme amount of effort to help raise funds for our school. The Friends welcome new members or volunteers to help in any way large or small.