Playtime can be as important as lesson time and thanks to our range of playground facilities, there is always something for the children to do.

The infants have free fruit or vegetables and the juniors are encouraged to bring fruit, cereal bar, rice cakes or plain digestive biscuit.

The truck trolley is no longer available.

Please do not send your child with sugary drinks.

Please do not put any nuts or nut based foods into your children’s packed lunches. We have children in the school who are severely allergic to nuts resulting in anaphylactic shock. When the weather is fine, the children eat their packed lunches on the field, so please put a spoon in if they have yoghurt and provide an extra bottle of water.

During the spring and summer terms please ensure your children have sun hats and sun cream. We do not permit sunglasses as these can get lost. The children often go to the field for activities, please ensure they have their PE Kit in school at all times and a suitable outdoor coat in case the weather is cold or wet.