School Development Plan 2015-16

5 Priorities for Improvement 2015-2016


Key Area 1 – Outcomes of pupils at the school

  • To raise attainment of Maths across all year groups so it is in line with Reading and Writing.
  • To close gap between boys and girls attainment and progress in Maths.

Key Area 2 – Outcomes of pupils at school

  • To ensure the following groups of children are making the required progress to bring them in line with the national level of attainment for their age in reading, writing and maths – PP, EAL, SEND, G

Key Area 3 – Quality of teaching, learning and assessment in the school

  • To ensure that the curriculum is engaging pupils and stimulating for teaching and learning opportunities, linked to the national curriculum, and including the continued promotion of beach / forest school activities.

Key Area 4 – Quality of Personal Development, behaviour and welfare of pupils at the school

  • To ensure that the engagement of children is monitored consistently and to reduce the amounts of yellow cards per term.

Key Area 5 – Quality of Leadership and Management in the school

  • To ensure that the Governing Body are appropriately skilled and critically challenging to drive school improvement.