Admissions Arrangements

St John’s Meads is a Church of England voluntary aided primary school in the Diocese of Chichester.

The School’s Governing Board is the admissions authority responsible for the admission policy and its implementation. The policy has been written after consultation with the Diocese, Local Authority, Admissions Forum and other schools in the area. St John’s Meads has a Christian ethos and aims to provide a caring environment in which pupils are encouraged to reach their full potential in academic work and a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

Admissions Contact
School Tel 01323 730255
 Headteacher  Mrs Katherin Weeks
Chair of Governors Mrs Linda Caroe

Admission Arrangements and Clergy Reference form can be accessed on the links below.

 Admission Arrangements 2020-21

Clergy Reference Form 2020

Allocations for places to Reception Class 2019 and previous years

East Sussex operates a co-ordinated admission scheme for primary schools. Applications should be made on the East Sussex County Council application form completed in accordance with the information provided in its School Admissions Booklet, available online via the East Sussex website.

A hard copy may be obtained on request.

Applications may be made online or by post.

Parents wishing their application to be considered under categories 2 or 3 of the Admission Arrangements/Policy must complete Clergy Reference form and submit this by the deadline for applications (January 15th 2020) for Reception Class and Year 3 for admissions into school in September 2020.

There is one class for each year group.
The maximum number of places in each class for KS1 is 30.
The maximum number of places in each class for KS2 is 32.

Reception Year – For children born between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2016

Visits to the school can be arranged by calling the school office to make an appointment.

Key dates for Admissions: Reception Class & Year 3

Admissions information made available September 2019
Closing date for applications 15 January 2020
Preferences for each school established 27 January 2020
Admission authorities in East Sussex advise LA of ranked order 16 March 2020
Allocations confirmed to primary schools 16 April 2020 (National Offer Day)
Decisions conveyed to parents by email 16 April 2020
Closing date for appeals 17 May 2020
Appeals heard June/July 2020

Starting school and compulsory school age

Children must start school at the beginning of the term which follows their fifth birthday. However, your child is allowed to start school full time at the beginning of the school year which follows their fourth birthday.

You may want your child to start at school part time which is allowed but you will have to arrange this with the headteacher once your place has been allocated.

When must my child attend school?

If your child turns five between:

  • 1 September 2020 and 31 December 2020 they are allowed to start school at the start of term one (full or part time) and must be attending full time at the start of term three.
  • 1 January 2021 and 31 March 2021 they are allowed to start school at the start of term one or term three (full or part time) and must be attending full time at the start of term five.
  • 1 April 2021 and 31 August 2021 they are allowed to start school, at the start of term one, term three or term five either full or part time.

Appeals Procedure for Reception & Y3 Admissions September 2020

An Independent Panel will hear Appeals. The Governing Board coordinates with the local authority, East Sussex County Council Timetable to administer appeals

Parents who wish to lodge an appeal should contact the school office 01323 730255 in the first instance.
Deadline for receipt of appeals closing date: 17th May 2020
Appeals received by the above deadline will be heard during June/July 2020

Appeals submitted after the above deadline will still be heard. However if your appeal is submitted late, your case may not be heard until after all the appeals received on time have been dealt with.

In Year Applications (2019-2020) All year groups

Parents should apply direct to the school in the first instance and will be directed to make an online application to the local authority.

In Year application via the Synergy portal on the local authority website:

Alternatively, parents who are unable to access the internet can obtain a paper copy of the application form from the school office.

Please note that for In Year applications during the school year, for any age group, applications can be made by contacting the school at any time.

Deadline for Appeals for In Year Places: Within 25 days of being told your application was unsuccessful. The Appeal will be within 30 days of the school receiving the appeal. or 01323 730255

Waiting List

Children refused a place may, at their parents’ request, be put on a waiting list, where priorities will also be determined by over-subscription criteria set out in the Admissions Arrangements.

Putting your child on a waiting list St John’s Meads CE Primary School

Waiting Lists – General Information

Parents may ask for their child to be placed on waiting lists where it has been necessary to restrict entry to a particular year group. Children can be placed on more than one waiting list but only for schools which were named on the school application form. An application must be completed with the local authority before a child can be placed on the waiting list.

How Waiting Lists Work

Waiting lists must follow the School Admission Policy criteria for entry and, if there are more children within the same criterion, priority is given according to the School Admission Policy. It can be expected therefore that a child’s position on any waiting list can change as other pupils join or leave the list whilst it is running.

Applying to join the Waiting List

To apply: Contact the Headteacher, St John’s Meads CE Primary School, Eastbourne, East Sussex BN20 7XS.

Waiting lists will run until the end of the *2nd term in which the application is processed.  You will need to inform the school if you wish to extend this time. Parents can ask at any time where their child features on a waiting list.

*2 terms 1st September to 31st December: 1st January to 30th April: 1st May to 31st August:

If a place becomes available, parents will be notified in writing and given 14 days to decide to accept or decline the place. If the child stays at his or her current school, he or she will be removed from the waiting list and the vacancy offered to the next child.

In Year Appeals

St John’s Meads is a Church of England voluntary aided primary school in the Diocese of Chichester. The School’s Governing Board is the admissions authority responsible for the admission arrangements and its implementation. An independent panel will hear appeals.

Appeal Procedures and Guide


 East Sussex County Council – Admissions
 Infant Class Size Legislation