Karen Bye

Local Authority Governor

I have been a governor in both primary and secondary schools and am currently a Chair of Governors and Local Authority Support Governor. I have a wide range of experience in primary schools, in a leadership and advisory capacity and am passionate about providing the best outcomes for pupils so that all can achieve their full potential. As a substantive, Advisory and Executive Headteacher, I have led a range of primary schools from small rural to large town, faith and community and therefore have a good understanding of the opportunities and challenges which relate to different types of schools. My career includes Advisory Headship in challenging schools, working as a School Improvement Partner and an Ofsted Additional Inspector. I have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Ofsted Section 5 and 8 and Section 48 inspection processes. I have a background in effecting rapid school improvement, advising, coaching and recruiting leaders and am experienced in writing and delivering training programmes. I am also an independent educational consultant, working with the Diocese and the Local Authority. In my spare time, I enjoy reading and travelling and spending time with my grandchildren.