Lydia Jourdain

Parent Governor

I have been a teacher of English at Eastbourne College for the past fourteen years and I am passionate about education, its importance in society and the significant effect it can have on lives. I know full well the expectations of exam boards, universities and parents of those I teach and I think this gives me an unique perspective regarding governance at St John’s Meads. In my work, I have had to face very challenging conversations with parents and pupils and work with children who have a wide range of abilities, helping them achieve the best they can and I know these skills will transfer to my role as a governor.

I am a creative person who gives wholeheartedly to all I do. I work effectively both independently and collaboratively and I enjoy widening my horizons. The prospect of being a governor is both exciting and daunting, but one I am going to face with honesty, determination, interest and commitment. I look forward to the opportunity to learn more about how the school is run and think that with my experience as a teacher, mother and Christian, I will bring these qualities to the role.

I am excited and proud to be part of such a fantastic community and feel very privileged to have my girls in the school. I am keen to see that decisions made work towards the best outcomes for the school and our children.