School Development Priorities 2019-20

Leadership and Management

1.1 To plan and provide bespoke continuing   professional development for all staff, in order to secure high quality teaching.
1.2 To engage effectively with pupils and others in the community (Primary Careers Hub project).
1.3 To develop the expertise and skills of new leaders to secure effective distributed leadership.

Quality of Education

2.1 To embed the use of assessment to inform teaching and secure improved progress rates in reading, writing and maths.
2.2 To embed the school’s chosen approach to the teaching of handwriting and spelling.
2.3 To develop the school’s approach to the teaching of reading, ensuring fluency, confidence, enjoyment and application of skills across the curriculum.
2.4 To review the school’s wider curriculum to ensure progression and contextual relevance.
2.5 To secure improved outcomes for disadvantaged pupils and those with additional needs.

Behaviour and Attitudes

3.1 To enhance the contribution that pupils make to the life of the school and the wider community.

Personal Development

4.1 To embed the school’s approach to pastoral support (Thrive, Drawing and Talking, Family Support, Counselling).
4.2 To develop the school’s approach to PSHEE (Jigsaw).
4.3 To review and develop the school’s approach to SMSC (SIAMS toolkit).

Early Years Education

5.1 To demonstrate how the curriculum is personalised to meet the needs of all children, particularly those who may be disadvantaged, have additional needs or lower starting points.
5.2 To ensure that before/after school provision is appropriate and supports children’s development.
5.3 To promote personal development and wellbeing, through Jigsaw, the Rainbow Vision and Learner Skills and Behaviours.