Headteacher: Mrs Katherin Weeks

Class Class Teacher
Reception Miss Chloe Lever
Year 1 Miss Molly Phipps
Year 2 Miss Lucy Tullett
Year 3 Miss Jasmin Taylor
Year 4 Mr Grant Williams
Year 5 Mrs Kate Foster
Year 6 Miss Joanna Barfield
SENCO Mrs Lara Cork
Music Teacher Mrs Ellie White
Children and Families Leader Kim Leach
Office & Administration Staff
Mrs Lisa Newton-Brown School Office Manager & Admissions Manager
Mrs Louisa White School Secretary & Finance Assistant
Teaching Assistants & MDSAs
Mrs Chrissy Grout
Mrs Liz Avery (Thrive Practitioner)
Mrs Annette Linsell (and MDSA)
Mrs Brenda Riddle (and MDSA)
Miss Emma French (Art Specialist)
Mrs Louisa Capon (and MDSA)
Mrs Vanessa Gallini (MDSA)
Miss Jeannette Laing
Mrs Stephanie Neill
Mrs Melanie Onuzi
Katie Vile (MDSA)
Mrs Adriana Domurad
Miss Joanne Benjamin
Breakfast Club and Late Birds Club
Mrs Lucy Richardson and Mrs Hannah Harrison
Site Staff
Mr Steve Phillipson Site Manager
Mrs Gaye Pelling Chartwell’s Head Cook